Open House

May 11-12, 2023

Celebrating 60 Years of Pioneering Solutions


We celebrate 60 years of LWB. 60 years of innovations.

60 years of close and trusting cooperation with our customers.


OPEN HOUSE 11-12 May, 2023

Visit us at our headquarter in Altdorf near Landshut for tech talks and machine demonstrations, personal exchange and networking event.

We are looking forward to seeing you!


Steinl Group Headquarter, Altdorf

Steinl Group Headquarter, Altdorf

Trausnitz Castle, Landshut
Trausnitz Castle, Landshut


Thursday, 11th May 2023

10 am: Open House officially begins at Steinl Group Headquarters, Sonnenring 35, 84032 Altdorf Germany

10 am – 5 pm: Machine exhibition & guided plant tours

Join us for a guided tour through our manufacturing facility and discover how our machines are produced. Additionally, we are thrilled to showcase some of our machines in action at our newly designed technical lab, featuring:

  • LWB Box: Introducing our new modular automation system, designed for seamless integration into your manufacturing process. With a focus on flexibility and efficiency, the LWB Box offers unparalleled performance.
  • Thermoclass C-Frame Machine: Our latest C-Frame Machine is fully equipped with automatic LSR and insert running capabilities, allowing for precise and consistent production. Experience the power of our technology and witness firsthand the high-quality results.
  • Large Scale Vertical Multicomponent Thermoplastic Injection Molding: Our state-of-the-art machinery is capable of handling large-scale production of complex parts with multiple components. Witness the precision and efficiency of our vertical molding system.
  • Valve Gated Cold Runner Technology: Our 500t rubber injection molding machine is equipped with the latest valve gated cold runner technology, resulting in a more consistent and efficient production process. Discover the benefits of our cutting-edge technology.
  • LWB Multistation: Our rubber injection molding process is taken to the next level with the LWB Multistation, which enables parallelization of process steps for faster and more efficient production. Witness the benefits of our optimized workflow.
  • Ecoline Dispenser: Our dispensing technology from Drei Bond is designed to deliver high accuracy and precision, ensuring quality and consistency in every production run. Discover how our dispenser can improve your manufacturing process.
  • Energy- and flow measurement: Experience how we integrate energy and flow measurement in our machines and visualize it not only on the machine’s screen, but also transfer it to an overarching MES system.

11.30 am – 4 pm: Conference program

We were able to attract excellent speakers to our lecture program who will provide an overview of the benefits of our technologies and perhaps stimulate your thinking. Attendees will have enough time to attend all presentations of their interest without missing out on the plant tours or machine exhibitions. Look forward to exciting presentations, including those from the following companies.

  • AirBoss of America Corp., USA
  • Akromold (Goderich) Ltd., CAN
  • Mercedes AMG GmbH
  • Comet S.r.l.
  • Eldisy GmbH
  • And of course, members of the Steinl Group

6.30 pm onwards: Evening event at the Burg Trausnitz, Landshut

Join us for a memorable evening. Taking place at the Burg Trausnitz in Landshut, attendees can look forward to a night filled with delicious food, great music, and impressive views. A shuttle bus will be provided to transport guests to and from the main hotels, ensuring a hassle-free experience. With ample space to network and make new contacts, the evening event is a great opportunity to connect with industry professionals and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals.

Friday, 12th May 2023

Enjoy a day trip to Ammersee, starting at 8.45 am and lasting until approximately 2 pm from and to the Steinl Group Headquarter in Altdorf. You will have the chance to ride a steamboat over the lake and take in the beautiful landscapes of the Bavarian region. Indulge in some Bavarian delicacies and take this opportunity to network and exchange ideas with fellow attendees. The trip will include a shared bus ride for your convenience.



11-12 May, 2023

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May 11-12, 2023

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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